Has Justin Verlander Gone Hollywood?

By: Terry Foster

Justin Verlander is Hollywood now. He hangs out with a big time super model. He is the face of the Tigers and he could be the face of baseball if he wants. He now makes commercials and more big time, big line companies want him to represent them.

And by the way his contract is up in two years and he is in no rush to sign. That concerns me. My fear is we could see the sand of the hour glass drop to the bottom of the sphere. The Tigers cannot allow Verlander to get to the final year of his contract without signing. It would cause too much chaos here and it will raise the possibility that he will leave.

King Felix Hernandez recently signed a $175 million deal. My guess is Verlander will sign a deal in excess of $200 over seven years. He is better than the King. We all want JV to sign and sign as quickly as possible. But put yourself in his shoes. Why would you not look around? Is the intoxication of being courted by New York, Chicago and Los Angeles too much to overcome?

Or maybe JV is just a Midwestern boy at heart and all the Hollywood in his life is just a side show.

I guess we will find out soon enough.

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