LANSING (WWJ) – In every state but Michigan the state’s .08 percent blood-alcohol level is permanent but this October, our state law sunsets, and rises to .10 and Mothers Against Drunk Driving is among many fighting the change.

Their organization spent Wednesday morning in a House Committee Meeting — urging lawmakers to sign a new bill that maintains the current limit.

And Michigan MADD Executive Director Dr. Sherry McGee said her group believes any higher limit could be dangerous — and this is truly a “no brainer.”

“Michigan’s .08 blood-alcohol concentration law was put in effect only for 10-years – 2003, it expires October of this year 2013,” McGee said. “We are supporting house-bill 4093 which eliminates the sunset and makes .08 the law permanently.”

While her group has been met with mostly positive reaction to their bill – Dr. McGee says there is some opposition:

“The .08 limit would penalize social drinkers and we’ve even gone as far as having heard when you go to a ball-game you won’t be able to have a beer or if you go to your daughter’s wedding you won’t be able to have a glass of champagne – and the science just does not bare that out.”

Dr. McGee says if the bill isn’t passed, Michigan could lose $50 million in federal funding for violating federal safety standards.


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