So what’s the haps in the happnin’ world of high technology? Here’s the highlights… have fun.

* Happy Valentine’s Day! And it looks like IT and health care, two of the careers we talk about all the time in the Technology Report, are among the top jobs where office romances bloom.

* That asteroid buzzing Earth Friday? It may be worth $195 billion, a space mining firm says. (And let me say yet again — we’ll get a major space program when people can make money doing it. If space mining really takes off, watch out.)

* LG Electronics Inc said on Thursday pre-orders for its 55-inch next-generation OLED televisions costing over $10,000 have topped 100, and the firm will start selling the TVs on Monday in South Korea as it tries to steal a march on rivals.

* Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil.

* A network of online fraudsters who masqueraded as European crime-fighting agency Europol and collected millions of euros in fake fines has been broken up – by Europol.

* From Apple fans to vegetarians, it would seem there’s a dating site for every social niche.

* Authorities say there’s no radiation threat after heavy snow causes a partial roof collapse at part of the closed down Chernobyl nuclear power plant site.

* Gartner says global cell phone sales fell in 2012.

* Here’s the latest on the Apple Smartwatch.

* Attention, gamers: 13 years later, System Shock 2, one of the best ever, lives again.

* The Pentagon creates a new medal for outstanding American cyberwarriors and drone pilots.

* As the only remaining defendant in the U.S. government’s e-books antitrust case, Apple Inc appears headed for a high-stakes trial that could significantly increase the personal computer company’s liability in related litigation.

* LinkedIn gives every employee an iPad Mini.

* New measurements from the European Space Agency’s CryoSat ice mission show that the volume of Arctic sea ice is declining drastically.

* Turns out hackers can easily break into Emergency Alert System local gear.

* And for all you Star Wars nerds, a blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Hoth. You know, from Episode V.


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