DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Her Twitter description brags about her ability to “belch out the alphabet,” but is former Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood all talk?

Um, no.

At the urging of 97.1 The Ticket’s webmaster Evan Jankens at SportsFest Saturday at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Underwood let loose with her best truck driver-level belch.

“In front of everybody?” she asked Jankens. “They’re going to think I’m so disgusting … I can’t really breathe in this top … If I had a looser blouse on. But Jankens persevered, and let’s just say she delivered. (Watch the video to see for yourself.)

Underwood also chatted about her favorite new movie — “Django Unchained” — describing herself as “obsessed” with the Quentin Tarantino flick. On the sports front, she said growing up in Oregon means she’s a Trailblazers fan.

She admits she’s a nerd, but is she a gamer?”

“I wish I was a cool gamer,” she said, adding, “I love Donkey Kong on the Wii.”

So the answer then, was apparently “no.”

But fans didn’t seem to care, lining up across the entire length of SportsFest in a line to take a picture with her. Underwood didn’t disappoint, wearing a very daring bustier.

So, what do you think, love a lady who belches like a man?

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