AUBURN HILLS — CJPS Medical Systems, a manufacturer and distributor of home and bedside vital signs monitors, software, and peripherals, announced that it was awarded a five year U.S. General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule contract from the United States government.

Under contract V797D-30075, CJPS Medical Systems has been approved to sell its bedside and ambulatory vital signs monitors, its home telemonitoring equipment, and its telemetry system to offer government organizations state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

Said CJPS CEO Christophe Sevrain: “These products are known to reduce costs, improve flexibility, reduce hospital readmissions, and successfully monitor patients affected by chronic diseases such as CHF, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, and ESRD.”

CJPS Medical Systems’ products are listed on the GSA Advantage. With GSA Advantage, federal employees are able to research, compare, and purchase a complete range of products and services all on one centrally located Web site.

“Our listing on GSA Advantage allows our government customers to procure exactly what they need in an efficient way,” said Sevrain. “With more government personnel performing home visits, or caring remotely for home-based patients and providing healthcare in a mobile setting, we are well positioned to help them get the products they need. We can even purchase back these facilities existing equipment, lowering even further their acquisition costs.”

These various systems all provide the newest technology for patients to be monitored, whether they are home or in healthcare facilities, while providing clinical data, assessments, or alerts remotely to caregivers through desktops, laptops, tablet, or smartphones.

CJPS Medical Systems is part of a group of companies providing products and services to the healthcare industry. VitalPoint is manufactured in a FDA-registered, ISO-13485 certified manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills. For more information, to receive an electronic brochure, or to schedule a product demonstration, contact


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