DETROIT (CBS Detroit) How does pop star Ke$ha spend her evenings when she’s not rolling around on stage or giving scandalous interviews? Turns out it’s not as exciting as you may think.

“Playing with my cat,” she said in a call in to Detroit’s 98.7 AMP Radio on Wednesday, describing her plans for the evening. And no, that wasn’t a euphemism for anything.

“I don’t think I’m that crazy,” she went on to say. “I have my moments, but I think most women have a little wildness in them, I just prefer to write songs about mine. And I always have a good time.”

So does the “wildness” extend to drinking urine, as the rumor mill says?

Yes — Ke$ha admitted to drinking her urine, adding it was just a “one-time thing,” something she wanted to experience and share on her “really intimate” MTV show “My Crazy Beautiful Life” that premieres April 23. It was filmed entirely by her brother and a friend, she said.

“I’m really excited about it,” she said. “Aside from drinking my pee, I do lots of other weird,  crazy, fun, amazing (things), but also there are some really sad points, really lonely points.”

She added the “incredibly glamorous,” life people assume she leads isn’t the truth and the show will give fans a glimpse of what her life on the road is really like. She added her music is “her life on steroids.”

How in touch is she with the fans who flock to her shows? Enough so that she saw the episode of “Teen Mom 2” where superfan Jenelle Evans chooses to go to jail on a probation violation so she can attend Ke$ha’s concert.

“It was amazing, the fact that she was willing to go to jail just to see my show really proves how good my show is,” Ke$ha said, laughing.

Hear the entire interview HERE.


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