And what’s the latest from the wide wild world of high technology? Here you go, campers…

* Maybe they’re nuts, hopefully they’re serious, but a gazillionaire who was the first person to pay for a ticket to the International Space Station plans a manned mission to Mars in 2018. Here’s the CBS News story, and here’s the Scientific American version.

* And just in case they need the info for their trip, here’s how to make a peanut butter sandwich in space.

* And NASA, meanwhile, launches a new space tech and exploration division.

* And in this amazing video, you can watch superheated plasma fall on the sun like rain.

* Here’s a CNet review of the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. (Full disclosure dept.: I just leased a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid and loooooove it.)

* Facebook blocks NBC’s Web site after it reportedly became infected with malware.

* And attention, Trekkies — it turns out the gold shirts are statistically more hazardous to your health than the red shirts.

* And just in case you’re worried about it here’s the latest from Al-Qaida on avoiding being the victim of a drone strike. No, seriously — their manual for doing just that was discovered in Mali.

* Google is adding a new touch to its line of Chrome laptops in an attempt to outshine personal computers running on software made by rivals Microsoft and Apple.

* This Apple patent application certainly hints at an iWatch.

* Taiwanese animators Next Media Animation is taking the Sony PlayStation 4 event to task.

* The company that measures television viewership said Thursday it will soon begin counting people who watch programming through broadband in addition to the traditional broadcast or cable hook-up.

* Apple Inc’s manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology Group has frozen hiring at a Shenzhen, China plant that makes gadgets including the iPhone 5 and put the brakes on recruiting for other factories across China, but said the move was not linked to any single client.

* Microsoft Azure’s cloud outperformed Amazon Web Services in a series of rigorous tests conducted by Nasuni, a storage vendor that annually benchmarks cloud service providers.

* If you have one of those cell phone reception boosters in your house, the FCC says you have to turn it off and register it. Yikes.

* A social media aggregator, Memolane, is shutting down.


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