By i) Pat Caputo

By: Pat Caputo

1. For Seth MacFarlane to nail it as host – Let’s face it, it has been a constant struggle to find the right host for the Academy Awards. MacFarlane is a great choice. He is a comedic genius and should shine.

2. For Robert De Niro to receive an Oscar – De Niro, up for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Silver Linings Playbook,” has not won an Academy Award since “Raging Bull’ in the early 1980s. He hasn’t even been nominated since “Cape Fear” in the early 1990s. Are you kidding me? We’re talking about the greatest male cinematic actor of all time.

3. For any movie other than “Argo” to win Best Picture – I liked “Argo.” It was a good movie, but hardly great, and it’s won everything so far. I think “Lincoln” was the movie of the year.


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