DETROIT (WWJ) – There’s word that some of metro Detroit’s busiest roads and freeways will be getting a makeover this year.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (M-DOT) says it will be making repairs on I-94, I-696, I-75 and Woodward Avenue this summer.

WWJ’s Pat Sweeting has been talking to drivers, who say the repairs are definitely needed.

Pothole on Greenfield Rd.

Pothole on Greenfield Rd.

Yvonne Moore learned the hard way the damage to a car from riding through a pothole may just be another expense for the driver.

“I’ve had blow-outs, tire damages, repairs that I have had to pay for out of my pocket,” said Moore.

She found out that in order to be qualified for reimbursement for damage you have to document the incident.

One area road that is a high traffic area and has motorists feeling like they are driving over one continous pothole is Greenfield Road between I-696 and 8 Mile.

Trayshauna Card has had that rather bone-shaking experience.

“I just had to get new shocks and springs and everything on my car,” she said.
The condition of roads like Greenfield doesn’t help her situation much:

“It would, like, make my car move over to one side ’cause you hit the pothole,” said Card. “When you hit the pothole very hard – yeah – it makes my car move over.”

Another motorist said repairs are needed in a lot of areas around metro Detroit and she notes how she had to replace a tire on her car that blew out when she hit a pothole on an area freeway.

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