Will Road Repair Override Michigan Public School Funding?

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timskubick Tim Skubick
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LANSING (WWJ) – How to fund Michigan road repairs? This has been an ongoing battle for Governor Rick Snyder, who initially proposed increasing the gas tax and raising vehicle registration fees.

But as WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports – there’s another proposal on the table to get the roads repaired.

The proposal would eliminate the sales tax that is now collected at the pump on gasoline and also eliminate the gasoline tax about 19 cents per gallon and go to a host sale gas tax that you would not actually see directly at the pump but they would raise more money by going to a wholesale tax.

Skubick says the only issue with this new proposal is the money was to go towards public school funding  so now Gov. Snyder needs to come up with a way around cutting into that money.

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