And what, pray tell, is the latest from the fascinating world of the latest in technology? Glad you asked… here ’tis.

* Here’s a fun look at the five funkiest tech stories of last week, including Anonymous itself getting hacked.

* North Korea further relaxes the rules on the Internet — at least for visiting foreigners.

* Customer support service Zendesk revealed Friday that it had been the victim of a security breach and that information from three of its clients had been downloaded. As first reported by Wired, those three clients are Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

* Finally, tattoos that let you control objects with your mind. No, really.

* And if you want to aerate wine it makes perfect sense to put it in the blender.

* A Microsoft lapse causes an outage in Azure service.

* It turns out bees get a buzz from flowers’ electrical fields too, not just their scent or their appearance.

* Here’s a thoughtful analysis of the temporary takedown of the fan video of NASCAR’s dreadful accident Saturday.

* In China, finally, an acknowledgement of ‘cancer villages.

* Here’s the latest on Google Glass, the $1,500 must-have accessory


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