It was really an interesting night in Hollywood from Kristen Stewart’s red carpet appearance on crutches, Ben Affleck’s Best Picture surprise presenter … the First Lady. And a Best Actress slip up.

It’s the fall heard ’round the Oscars. Here’s what you didn’t see. Chivalrous stars Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman rush to Lawrence’s aid.

When asked if the heels caused the trip Lawrence admitted, “I think that was 100 percent user error.”

The show wasn’t all trips and slips as the First Lady Michelle Obama announced the winner of Best Picture. Affleck walked away with the night’s biggest prize.

“I was sort of hallucinating while it was happening … I was just asking those guys outside – was that Michelle Obama?” said Affleck.

Kristen Stewart looked like she just woke up from a bad dream.

OMG Insider staffers noticed her limp on the red carpet and found out she stepped on glass a few days ago and cut the ball of her foot.

The true focus of the night was the stars.

Kevin Frazier joked with Clooney on the red carpet, “George, how are doing a show and not doing shots?”

Mary Kitchen asked Clooney if the award was heavy and he handed her the award saying, “… it makes your arms look better.”

Clooney certainly made history as he was nominated in his sixth different category. Daniel Day Lewis also set a record with three best actor wins.

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