Compuware Presents Live Customer Webcast Featuring BT and Independent Research Firm: Compuware, BT and Forrester Research Inc. announced a live customer Webcast for 10 a.m. Eastern time Thursday, March 7 titled “How You Can Improve SAP Performance.” presenters include Forrester vice president and principal analyst Teorge Lawrie, and BT senior product marketing manager Daniel Poulter. SAP systems are complex due to their size, the integrations with other applications and the customization needed to meet organizations’ specific business and organizational needs. Therefore, maintaining these systems is time-consuming and costly. In the end, organizations only benefit from the SAP application if the new business processes are more efficient and if user adoption is massive. Poor SAP performance damages not only user adoption but also the business and a company’s overall performance. The key is to manage SAP performance from the end-user perspective; yet, few understand how to diagnose the causes — many of which occur outside the SAP application itself — of poor SAP user experience. Leading-edge companies such as BT have found new, innovative ways to resolve this issue. Using its BT Connect Applications portfolio, BT has optimized its SAP applications,improving performance by as much as 43 percent. Register at


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