LANSING — The Center for New Enterprise Opportunity announced Wednesday that it had a tremendous first year, 2012, at the NEO Center — and for a while, its was full. But, 2013 is here and it now has some private offices coming available for tenancy. If you’ve ever thought about leasing an office space or been frustrated by coffee shop coworking, consider the NEO Center.

The NEO Center doesn’t do anything the traditional way. It has a two-story slide in its lobby. It has an innovative corporate structure. It has arcade games, nerf guns, and a mini-bar. Imagine loving what you do, coming into a space you’re proud of, continually learning and finding new challenges, and making enough money to support the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Officials with the NEO Center say they don’t want prospective tenants to see a price and act like you’re shopping online for socks. Prospective tenants need to see the environment to understand the life and space that lives in these four walls. So, those who would like a brief, private tour — NEO Center staff invites you, your friends, your mom, and your business partner to swing by and give our slide a try. Of course you can always email, too.

The environment is unique and NEO Center invites entrepreneurs to incubate their ideas alongside the others in the building. Here’s a look at the NEO Center from no less a source than The Atlantic magazine.

The NEO Center is at 934 Clark St. in Lansing. For more information, call Tom Stewart, managing partner at the NEO Center, (517) 708-2997 or visit


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