By: Bill McAllister

I am not afraid to admit this but…I am a nerd. Albeit, a really cool and well-adjusted nerd who can carry on a conversation about Detroit sports history, stores that used to be open in my hometown of Warren or the New Avengers series started by Marvel Comics three months ago. I am a perpetual third grader when it comes to this stuff, I actually love LEGOs…still! I actually took time off in mid-July with the anticipation of getting tickets to Comic-Con in San Diego but because there are so many like-minded nerds out there, my wife and I were not quick enough when it came to the online purchasing window. Guess we’ll just hang at home for the annoyingly named ‘stay-cation’.

We’re way into Game of Thrones and True Blood on HBO as well as Walking Dead on AMC. But our latest favorite show is King of The Nerds on TBS, Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. Hosted by O.N.s (Original Nerds) Robert Carradine and Detroit’s own Curtis Armstrong, KOTN is a reality/game show that pits neuroscientists against professional gamers and MIT grad students against young adult fantasy writers.

Some of the challenges have included a superhero debate, a fantasy themed role playing game and giant chess. Moogega is a 26-year old NASA engineer and the ONLY hot chick on the show, although, Genevieve is 2 a.m. hot. The guys on the show are your basic nerds but one nerd named Ivan stands out for a rather dubious reason, he is a carbon copy look-alike of James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter. I think that is why I subconsciously want Ivan off the show, he creeps me out, that being said, Nerds rule!


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