By Sara

The Harlem Shake won’t go away. New videos pop everyday, and people seem determined to one up each other. Someone got the bright idea that they should stage a Harlem Shake on an airplane, and the FAA was not amused. (Get these mother bleeping shakes off my mother bleeping plane!) They are now looking into a 31-second video taken on a February 15 Frontier Airliners flight.

The video was made by a bunch of Colorado College students who were on their way to an ultimate Frisbee tournament. The students claim they had the approval of the flight crew, who let them use the plane’s public address system to tell other passengers what they were about to do. Allegedly, the seatbelt sign was off during filming and there wasn’t any turbulence. They said the video makes things look shaky because the camera is hand-held.

The FAA won’t call it a full blown “investigation”, but they are trying to determine if any safety regulations were broken, or if passengers were ever put in any danger.


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