PONTIAC — Pontiac-based RazorThreat has introduced version 4.0 of its RazorThreat Vision IT threat intelligence software.

RazorThreat says the latest release takes the complexity and expense out of identifying internal threats and perimeter defense optimization.
Today’s security platforms produce a tremendous amount of data. RazorThreat Vision turns this mountain of data into actionable intelligence. Analyzing the output from multiple heterogeneous platforms and data sources is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. However, if you are not analyzing all of your data sources you are putting the security of your organization at risk because you don’t have a complete picture of what is actually happening on your network.
RazorThreat Vision transforms mountains of data into actionable intelligence using its threat analytics to detect unknown and unauthorized activity on the network and provides network personnel with the requisite actionable intelligence to mitigate the risk of a loss of data.
RazorThreat Vision has simplified data analysis into three easy steps:
* Step 1 — Identify/Detect threats through positive control of what is allowed to happen on the network
* Step 2 — Isolate/Analyze unknown and/or unauthorized activity using Vision’s threat analytics to pinpoint exceptions to policy
* Step 3 — Remediate with Actionable Intelligence to modify perimeter defense policies, recommend corporate policies, enforce compliance policies, modify positive control policies or continue to monitor activities for a future determination.
More at www.razorthreat.com.


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