DETROIT (WWJ) – “Kwame Kilpatrick didn’t lead the city, he looted the city,” said U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, addressing reporters Monday afternoon.

The ex-Mayor was convicted Monday on multiple corruption charges, including racketeering conspiracy, and was remanded into the custody of federal marshals.

Said McQuade, “The jury found Kwame Kirlpatrick guilty of not just committing not just small crimes — but of committing very serious crimes; of using the power of his public office to enrich himself and his friends and family instead of serving the people who elected him.”

She said, at its most basic, this case is about how Kilpatrick stole money from the people of Detroit. “And while Kwame Kilpatrick enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, he watched the quality of life erode for the people of Detroit.”

Kilpatrick was convicted of 24 charges, including racketeering conspiracy, tax offenses, extortion and bribery. His friend and city contractor Bobby Ferguson was also convicted. Kilpatrick’s father Bernard was found guilty of a tax crime.

Prosecutors say Kilpatrick ran a “private profit machine” out of City Hall. The government presented evidence to show he got a share of the spoils after ensuring Ferguson’s excavating company was awarded millions in work from the water department.

Business owners said they were forced to hire Ferguson as a subcontractor or risk losing contracts.

City Corruption Tally (pdf)

Kilpatrick Verdict (pdf)

“No one could have said it more beautifully, I think, than what the jury had to say. They said that they recognize that they were the voice of this community, and they recognize that this was not a victimless crime,” said McQuade. “And they said that although they did not feel anger and they didn’t want to … hurt the defendants, they saw it as their responsibility to hold these defendants accountable for their conduct.”

“One juror said that she is a Detroiter and voted for Kwame Kilpatrick for mayor twice herself, but said that the evidence that she saw in this case made her stomach turn,” McQuade said.

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