By: Eric Thomas

The Lions offseason turns less theoretical in a few hours. Names are getting floated by people close to the team; some concrete consensus is drying in the air for all to see. This is when the Lions start to slip, when their plans are laid bare and examined in the accusing light of day.

The argument has circled around Reggie Bush. Fans have held their arms high and screamed, they claim that this would be tantamount to treason. They want defense defense defense defense, gasp, and defense. There was even one column that said the team shouldn’t go after Reggie Bush, I swear, “…because they’re the Lions.”

Hard hitting analysis aside, that’s ridiculous. Many fans and columnists warn the Lions from picking up Bush because they shouldn’t chase high value free agents. The argument is that it hasn’t worked in the past, it wouldn’t work now. Are these people serious? WHEN have the Lions ever landed a coveted free agent? Did I miss something?

Damien Woody didn’t work out, but it would be a stretch to call him “coveted.” His signing was among Millen’s head scratchers.  Woody might not have lived up to his contract, but he was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2004. How about mentioning Dre Bly from that era, he started in a Pro Bowl?

The last big time free agent running back the Lions nabbed? James Stewart and he rushed for over a thousand yards in two seasons. It never works? Really? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The same could be said for your precious draft picks.

Lions fans and the media seem to see nothing wrong with the Lions running game. They bring up Joique Bell like he’s some panacea to the team’s woes. I saw him get tackled a lot, and run down when he got in space. It makes no sense. The last time the Lions had a speed back, they were undefeated in the 2011 season. Jahvid Best made defenses creep to the line. Calvin could be Calvin rather than face bracketed coverage with a speed back. Teams lined up with six guys in the box on FIRST DOWN and the Lions still couldn’t run the ball last year, with Joique Bell and Leshoure. People blame the offensive line, but they didn’t have much problem run blocking when Best was in the backfield.

They can’t get Reggie Bush because they have to fix the defense? Apparently fans forgot that the defense kept them in games many times throughout the season, only to be back on the field after another stalled drive. Yes, they had an awful secondary that won’t be much improved next year. For the love of God get Dashon Goldson if you can, but the Lions are going to need some help in the backfield. This nonsense fans have been saying lately “Just pick up a speed back in the fifth round,” is the latest dispatch from a delusional hive mind. The draft is a crapshoot at best. Every city around the country laments missed draft picks. Betting the house on a fifth round pick is like relying on the lottery for your retirement. Bush would help the entire offense of course; he’s a perfect fit for Linehan’s scheme. They are a much different when they can effectively run the screen, and Bush is among the league’s best catching out of the backfield.

Pretty please, with sugar on top? Go get Reggie Bush.


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