By: Sara

While the world waits for a white plume of smoke; Dennis Rodman (fresh from his trip to North Korea) has packed a bag and flown to Rome in the hopes of helping the first black pope to be elected. Rodman has thrown his support behind Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, and even has plans to ride around St. Peter’s Square in his own version of the “pope-mobile” (it may or may not happen because the vehicle was delayed by snow in Italy). Does “The Worm” not realize that his campaign won’t be heard by the 115 cardinals who are already on lock down inside the Sistine Chapel? Probably. Or maybe Rodman is just taking cues from the Donald Trump School of publicity stunts…insert yourself into a news story, whether you belong there or not.

If things don’t work out for him in Rome, at least we know Dennis has plans for the summer. He recently revealed to a North Dakota reporter that he is totally serious about going on vacation with his buddy Kim Jong Un in August. The rest of the interview is also a trip, and shows, once again, that Rodman doesn’t seem to be playing with a full deck.

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