By: Jeff Riger

I’m sick and tired of firing up the internet every single morning and reading all these trade rumors that will never come true. This day and age, all you need is a keyboard and an active imagination and you too can be the source to one of these crazy rumors that people will talk about, get excited about and then eventually forget about when the latest rumor that won’t come true overtakes it. It’s ridiculous! Guys claim they have sources when in reality all it seems like they are doing is throwing a whole bunch of stuff against a wall and seeing what people will latch on to.

If they can do it, then I can do it too!

I have decided to follow my media brethren and make up my own rumor that I hope in the next couple of days people will at least mention as being credible. What? It could happen!

So here goes…

We have all heard, wondered and talked about whether the Tigers should trade Rick Porcello. I have no problem if they keep him or deal him but for the purpose of this blog…”He Gone!”

Fans will talk about needing a Closer and there could be one out there in Mariano Rivera. Yes, he is old but he could also still have what it takes to close games in the league. Let’s not forget that before he got injured shagging balls that he was one of the best ever to play that position. Did the injury affect his cut fastball? Only time will tell, but if it didn’t, he could be the answer to the Tigers dreams.

Think about it for a second…

The Yankees are injured and are not expected to be very good. Derek Jeter is not completely healthy while Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira are expected to miss an abundance of time. And, then there is the rumor that some of those guys if not all with the exception of Jeter will get suspended for 50 games for using PED’s. Things have officially fallen apart in the Bronx and I believe this season will be awful. If that happens, Rivera would be a nice chip that the Yanks could deal and get something for. Yes, I know that he wants to be a Yankee for his entire career, but if New York could get a piece for the future while Rivera gets a chance to win another ring, I would think the scenario works out great for both parties involved.

So would you trade Porcello for Rivera later in the season if Detroit’s closer situation doesn’t sort itself out?

I would even if it means you only get Rivera for 4 months and then he retires.

The future doesn’t matter if you are a Tigers fan. This is the future. So if it took Porcello to get Rivera even if that means that Ricky pitches the next 13 years in the Bronx and wins 200 plus games. I’m in! It gives you a chance to win right now and the way this team is constructed that is the only business the Tigers should be interested in. Sure, people will talk about Porcello like he is John Smoltz, but who cares? Detroit gave up Smoltz to try to win a ring, they came close and Doyle Alexander, the man they got for him was integral in doing so. They took a chance and when you get to the point where you think you can win that’s what you do, you roll the dice and hope it results in a parade down Woodward.

Anything that a World Series cost is worth it, no matter what that player ends up doing later in his career!

While we are on the topic of rumors that will never come true, I wanted to throw one more out there!

I have a man crush on the Marlins Giancarlo Stanton. He’s 23, he hits for power and average, he plays a solid outfield and did I mention that he’s 23? Plus he makes nothing, not that the Tigers care. Stanton is set to make a bit over $500 thousand this season and I believe he will turn out to be one of the greatest ever to play the game. OK, maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick but I’m just trying to emphasis how in love with this player’s game I am.

So why would Miami trade him? Well, he’s miserable in South Beach. Ever since Miami traded away their whole team that they worked so hard to acquire not even a year before, Stanton has been publically pissed and many of the experts believe a trade will happen, it’s just a matter of when. Of course maybe he stays put and he and the Marlins front office learn how to coexist together but for the purpose of this blog, let’s hope for the worst.

I was wondering what it would take to land Stanton? Miami wants cheap, young prospects that can turn into good players. They want to build for a team that could be playoff caliber and affordable in 4 years down the line. Sounds great in theory but they also have a new ballpark that they just built last season, so I hope they are ok with nobody showing up for the time being. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Miami would be open to a trade, especially if they believed the prospects they were getting in return would someday be major contributors. Stanton is a great player for the Marlins to keep around, they would hate to lose him, he’s not eligible to be a free agent until 2017 but if things got bad enough, they might have no other choice. I’m hoping that to be the case. Let’s not forget that they probably knew this was a possibility when they traded away essentially their whole team to the Blue Jays.

As for Detroit, if Stanton came here he could hit 5th right behind Prince Fielder and play leftfield, a true position of need. It would be the perfect fit for a team that is expected to win it all. With as good as last season was, the offense seemed to let down people more than any other aspect of the team. You can never have enough bats and adding Stanton would be a GIANT upgrade, especially to a 5 hole that gave the Tigers little to no production in 2012.

I want the man in a Tigers uniform!

So this is what I’m thinking.

What if the Tigers were to offer Porcello, Avisail Garcia and Nick Castellanos for Stanton? That seems fair! Porcello is just 24 years old and is making over $5 million this season. Sure the Marlins would have to take him to arbitration as soon as next year but he won’t be a free agent until after 2016. With all the money they dumped, Porcello would be an affordable option that could bolster a pitching rotation of young guys. Hell, Porcello could join Jacob Turner who also is enjoying the sun in South Beach. As for Garcia and Castellanos, they are merely prospects! Yes, Garcia was good in the playoffs and has a tremendous upside and everybody loves Castellanos but nobody knows how good they will be. They have the most trade value right now. Even if both help the team this season, you could only hope they turned out to be the talent that Stanton already is and that is not likely. Also it needs to be said that GM Dave Dombrowski loves to trade with the Marlins. Are you getting excited yet?

I say the Tigers shock the Marlins with a deal. Make it impossible for them to say no.

Even if they sweetened the package and threw Andy Dirks and other prospects in the mix I would be all for it. Do whatever it takes; tell them whatever they want to hear. Stanton is worth it all and then some.

So what do you think? Would you be willing to get rid of the likes of Porcello, Garcia, Castellanos and more to bring in a guy that could be hitting homers at Comerica Park for the next 15 years? I’m ready to make that trade yesterday, let’s just hope the Tigers and Marlins are as well.

Making up trade rumors is fun; you should give it a try one day!


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