YPSILANTI — Integrated Sending Systems Inc, or ISSYS as the firm calls itself for short, announced Thursday that it had been granted United States Patent 8,014,865 titled “Method for Monitoring a Physiologic Parameter of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure.”

This patent covers miniature, wireless, batteryless, implantable hemodynamic sensors that are anchored within the heart for non-invasive monitoring of cardio-physiological hemodynamic parameters, such as pressure, in order to provide advanced chronic patient management.

ISSYS’ wireless, batteryless, sensor and anchor are delivered either via a catheter in an outpatient procedure or as an adjunct device during an already-establish procedure such as coronary artery bypass graft. The biocompatible anchor allows the miniature telemetric sensor to be stabilized within the heart and monitor left side of the heart (either left atrium or left ventricle). This is a very difficult task due to the stringent biocompatibility requirements of the left heart.

“The particular targets of ISSYS products are cardiovascular disease, especially congestive heart failure,” said ISSYS CEO Nader Najafi. “This patent further expands the use of these miniature implants with other devices such as pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and drug delivery products. ISSYS implants will facilitate monitoring patients’ pressure in ICUs, medical facilities and at home. ISSYS plans to start its cardiovascular clinical studies in 2013.”

Najafi said ISSYS’ intellectual property, including patents, know-how and trade secrets, covers a wide spectrum including micro-electro-mechanical systems-based pressure sensors, wireless systems, delivery and anchoring for a variety of medical applications.

In addition, ISSYS has expanded its ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility to produce tens of thousands of these miniature medical implants per year.

Founded in 1995, ISSYS is one of the oldest independent MEMS companies in the US. ISSYS operates a comprehensive, state-of-the-art MEMS fabrication plant. ISSYS is currently registered to ISO 9001:2008, EN13980:2002 for its ATEX (intrinsically safe products), and ISO13485:2003 standard for Class III medical devices. ISSYS is a vertically integrated company dedicated to developing and manufacturing system-level products based on MEMS technology. More at www.mems-issys.com.


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