LANSING — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB:KBLB) Tuesday announced that the cocoons from the first stage of its Monster Silk pilot production program  have been reeled into threads of the Company’s recombinant spider silk as the production program moves into an advanced state.

Additionally, the silkworm hatchlings from the second stage of the program have now spun cocoons that are made of Monster Silk.

Kraig Biocraft has implanted spider genes into silkworms so that the silk they spin for their coccoons has some of the properties of super-strong spider webs. The company said the introduction of spiderweb-like silk could lead to new, breakthrough fabrics.

“The pilot production program has advanced well ahead of our expectations,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Kim Thompson. “At this rate, we will be facing some near term decisions regarding the launching of commercial production. In my opinion, we are now reaching major milestones every two to three weeks. We are undergoing tremendous developmental changes, which we believe will lead to substantial growth of our business over the next few months.”

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