MUSKEGON — The  virtual business assistance firm recorded a 112 percent increase in revenue during 2012 — surpassing its 2011 record growth of 93 percent.

The company created 10 full-time jobs in 2012, and estimates that it will add another 10 jobs in 2013. Due to the high demand of their services, is expanding its office, which will accommodate up to 32 full-time employees upon completion.

“Our company’s rapid rate of growth is exhilarating,” said Chief Operational Officer Andrew Zahrt, “we’re honing training material, process documentation, and buying more Nerf guns in preparation of an influx of new staff in 2013.”

When asked where he sees the company in 10 years, owner Chad Lawie said:  “High speed Internet is changing the way we work, the days when people had to be in the same office to talk face to face are already behind us. As a result, I think that in the next 10 years we’re going to continue to see part time jobs be consolidated into employment centers, and we’re going to see businesses of all sizes turning to those employment centers for their basic office staffing needs. A lot of areas may suffer from this, and my goal is to make sure Muskegon isn’t one of them.”’s 20 in-house employees make up the virtual staff for over 100 companies located around the world. Providing a unique, cloud-based staffing solution, allows businesses to hire a full-time virtual team for the cost of a single part-time employee.’s services include business and personal assistance, virtual reception, Web site development, graphic design and creative writing.

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