BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WWJ) – When it comes to girl groups, who do you think of: Diana Ross and the Supremes, En Vogue, The Spice Girls, TLC? Well, after seeing “The Sapphires,” you’ll probably have another group to add to that list.

“The Sapphires” made a name for themselves in the late 1960s, playing for the American troops in Vietnam. The movie, based on their story, has been wowing audiences since its debut early last year. And since that time, it’s racked up 10 international awards.

Australian singing sensation Jessica Mauboy, who plays Sapphires lead singer said, “It’s been actually really amazing.” “I mean we’ve been on tour with the film since the beginning of last year. We started in Cannes, south of France, and that was really well received … 10 minute standing ovation.”

“We had no idea it would get this type of reception,” added the film’s director, Wayne Blair. “And to, you know, tell a story that will travel the world is sort of beautiful. It’s a great feeling.”

Blair has a long history with “The Sapphires.” In addition to directing, he’s also an acclaimed actor, who starred in the original stage play back in 2005. For him, “The Sapphires” is personal.

“Here we are traveling, sort of telling their story in a sort of ‘reciprocative’ way 45 years later … and … at a time in Australia when they didn’t even have the right to vote.” “Aboriginal people were counted as Flora and Fauna, so … they certainly took the risks and I think the rewards are with us.”

Mauboy has similar feelings. “It was very exciting to be a part of, to be able to tell someone else’s story and, for these aunties … seeing them and being there with them watching the film back … I mean … it was overwhelming,” Mauboy said.

(credit: Lisa Tomasetti/ The Weinstein Company)

(credit: Lisa Tomasetti/ The Weinstein Company)

“The Sapphires” is special and a lot of things combine to make it so. It has great music (I can’t wait to get a copy of the soundtrack!), it’s funny (audiences just love Chris O’Dowd, who stars as the group’s manager, Dave Lovelace) and it has a storyline that is simply empowering.

“The Sapphires” will undoubtedly have you laughing, maybe even shedding a tear or two, but definitely dancing in your seat. The movie is already playing in theaters in some markets across the United States. It opens in metro-Detroit theaters on April 5, 2013. Other markets, check your local listings.

My advice: don’t miss it!

See you at the movies!

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