By: Evan Jankens

Mike Valenti and Terry Foster spent the weekend at the beautiful D Casino in Las Vegas. On Saturday night, after we went out to a great dinner, Matt Dery and I went out onto Fremont street to find out what the people of Las Vegas know about Detroit.

The first person we ran into was a silver cowboy. The only problem was a cat must have had his tongue because he really didn’t have too much to say.

Moving on from the silent one we found a lovely bride celebrating her wedding day. She was in her gown and all. Matt asked her about the Detroit Lions and even though she didn’t know too much about the Lions she seemed to really love her Denver Broncos. She also thinks Michigan will win the NCAA Tournament. She also seemed to do what most people do in Las Vegas.

From the bride we walked around a little more and ran into a very charming blonde who didn’t have too much to say about Detroit or sports or anything in general, but that turned around once some photo bombers came into the shot. When asked about the NCAA tournament, they said they were, in fact, the NCAA champions. Who knew?

Walking around some more we found two ladies who looked like they were making out so we figured why not ask them a few questions. Their opinions about Detroit weren’t exactly spot on, but, hey, at least they knew something about Detroit. Right?

Finally we saw a lady making balloon animals on the street. We figured she would have an opinion on something. Well we were wrong. You will have to watch this one to find out what happened. And while you’re watching, help us figure out — what exactly was she turning that balloon into?


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