Hey, glad you stopped by. You wouldn’t believe what I found in the wonderful world of tech over the past 24 hours…

* Yep, it’s this Thursday! A terrific upcoming event in our Last Thursdays Unwired Coffee Series at Lawrence Technological University. On Thursday, March 28 it’ll be “How To Get A Tech Job In Detroit.” Yours truly will moderate a panel of experts on the topic. Scheduled to appear are Allen Coleman, Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Staffing Solutions; Nathan Hughes, Co-Founder of Detroit Labs; Matt Mosher, Co-Founder and CEO, hiredMyway.com; Margaret Pierce, Director of the Department of Career Services, Lawrence Technological University; and Molly Rose, Senior Technical Recruiter, Secure-24. The meeting will be held at the University Technology and Learning Center Gallery at LTU, 21000 W. 10 Mile Road in Southfield. Registration and networking begin at 7:30 a.m., and the discussion and question- and-answer session will be held from 8 to 9 a.m.  Register here

* Yahoo’s acquisition push under new CEO Marissa Mayer continued Monday, with the company saying it’s buying news-reading app Summly. This’ll make you sick — the owner is 17. He started the company when he was 15.

* Apple, meanwhile, buys the Silicon Valley startup WiFiSlam, which makes mapping applications for smart phones. 

* It seems counterintuitive that castration could help save a species facing extinction. But through removing the ovaries of a female Iberian lynx, scientists say they were able to collect and preserve embryos from the world’s most endangered wild cat for the first time.

* Yeah, I’m thinking this is a sign of some pretty serious pollution.

* Samsung South Africa is in hot water over a press event that went awry, after complaints circulated over scantily clad female dancers took the stage to show home appliances. The company has apparently issued an apology.

* Drones are controversial, you bet. But here are some totally cool uses for them.

* Investigators have yet to pinpoint the culprit behind a synchronized cyberattack in South Korea last week. But in Seoul, the focus is fixed on North Korea, which South Korean security experts say has been training a team of computer-savvy “cyber warriors” as cyberspace becomes a fertile battleground in the nations’ rivalry.

* Here are three reasons why smart watches planned by Apple and Samsung could be a bust.

* Scientists have actually studied how to get rid of an earworm,  an irritating tune you can’t get out of your head. No, really.

* A new NASA satellite is sending back stunning photographs of Earth, specifically in its test shots the Rocky Mountains. Wow.


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