By Dan Leach

By: Dan Leach

Two of the greatest words in the English language are about to be put in use……..Opening Day! With that the dreams of 30 MLB teams, fans young and old, that this just might be the year. I will take a look at how I think the divisions will shape up, who will win the player awards, and who will take home the World Series Crown in 2013. It is finally time to “Play Ball” !!!!!


National League-



1-Washington Nationals

2-Atlanta Braves

3-Philadelphia Phillies

4-New York Mets

5-Miami Marlins



1-Cincinnati Reds

2-Pittsburgh Pirates

3-Milwaukee brewers

4-St Louis Cardinals

5-Chicago Cubs



1-Los Angeles Dodgers

2-San Francisco Giants

3-Arizona Diamondbacks

4-Colorado Rockies

5-San Diego Padres


Cy Young- 1 Stephen Strasburg 2 Clayton Kershaw


MVP-1 Bryce Harper 2 Joey Votto


ROY-Jedd Gyorko- San Diego Padres – Second Baseman


American League-



1-Toronto Blue Jays

2-Baltimore Orioles

3-Tampa Bay Rays

4-New York Yankees

5-Boston Red Sox



1-Detroit Tigers

2-Kansas City Royals

3-Chicago White Sox

4-Cleveland Indians

5-Minnesota Twins



1-Los Angeles Angels

2-Oakland A’s

3-Texas Rangers

4-Seattle Mariners

5-Houston Astros- Welcome to the AL:) Vernon Wells will make more this year than your entire payroll!


Cy Young- 1-Justin Verlander 2- David Price


MVP 1-Mike Trout 2-Miguel Cabrera


ROY Jurickson Profar- Texas Rangers



NL-Wildcard-Pirates over Braves


NLDS-Dodgers over Pirates


Nationals over Reds


NLCS-Nationals over Dodgers


AL-Wildcard-Orioles over A’s


ALDS-Tigers over Orioles


Angels over Jays


ALCS-Tigers over Angels






DTM’S VEGAS MLB FUN (assist RJ Bell)



2013 World Series Odds


Tigers +900

Dodgers +900

Angels +1000

Nationals +1000

Blue Jays +1100

Reds +1200

Giants +1200

Rays +1600

Yankees +2000

White Sox +4000

Indians +10000

Astros +35000



Win Totals


Tigers 92.5- Dtm Pick =OVER

Nationals 92- OVER

Blue Jays 88.5 UNDER

Reds 90.5 OVER

Yankees 85 UNDER

White Sox 81 UNDER

Orioles 78.5 OVER

Royals 78.5 OVER

Pirates 77 OVER

Cubs 72.5 UNDER

Astros 59 OVER



Home Run Props


Miguel Cabrera 36- Dtm Pick =OVER

Jose Bautista 35.5 UNDER

Albert Pujols 34 OVER

Prince Fielder 33.5 OVER

Ryan Braun 31.5 OVER

Ryan Howard 31 UNDER

Bryce Harper 28 OVER


Pitching Wins


Justin Verlander 17.5 Dtm Pick=OVER

Clayton Kershaw 17 OVER

Jared Weaver 16 UNDER

Stephen Strasburg 15.5 OVER

David Price 15,5 OVER

Felix Hernandez 15 UNDER

CC Sabathia 14.5 UNDER


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