A.J. Burnett Falls For April Fools’ Prank

By: Evan Jankens

Everyone loves a good April Fools’ Day prank, right? I know I pulled one on my girlfriend yesterday saying my dog Jordan ran away. Let’s just say it worked really well.

My prank didn’t hold a candle to the one the Pirates played on their starting pitcher yesterday, A.J. Burnett. I haven’t seen this prank before, but I’m sure it has happened once before.

A.J. Burnett got the exploding rosin bag prank pulled on him. Burnett picked up the rosin bag and “poof” there it goes, exploding all over his uniform and body. It was pretty funny, I must say. The question I do have though is “Why do that to your starting pitcher and ace?” What happens if something goes wrong and he gets injured? I mean crazier injuries have happened.


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