HOLLAND — The app developer Conpoto LLC said Tuesday that the company and Albion College have agreed to provide an original new service to Albion students and their friends and families.

With just a couple of taps on their smart phone, parents can now buy their students a coffee drink or baked goods at the college’s Read Between The Grinds coffee shop located in Stockwell Memorial Library.

“Conpoto should be a nice enhancement to the student experience on campus,” said Todd Tekiele, who is director of auxiliary services at Albion College. “It’s another way we can provide value-added services that students often find at larger campuses.”

Conpoto is a social media service that allows people and businesses to order and pay for drinks and food for others using a simple, Web-based service.

Parents, friends or other family members can use Conpoto to pre-pay for almost anything on the Read Between The Grinds menu. The student recipient gets an e-mail with a message from mom or dad telling her about the treat, and the “treat” never expires. Whenever the student wants to go to Read Between The Grinds to claim her treat it will be there for her.

Because the treats are highly personalized they can be for specific menu offerings and the buyer can select the student’s favorites. It’s a great way for parents to say Thanks, I love you or Keep up the good work! With Read Between The Grinds being located in the college’s library, it’s a great way for parents to coax their students into a little extra study time.

“When a mom is thinking about her son away at school, it takes her just a few seconds to reach out and send him a treat she knows he will enjoy,” said Matt Lepard, founder and CEO of Conpoto LLC. “You can’t do that with a check or a gift card because the treat is such a personalized gift.”

Lepard and Conpoto co-founder Matt Ahearn are both Albion College alumni.

Tekiele says Albion College will consider expanding the Conpoto service on campus to other food service outlets. For example, Albion’s food service provider, Bon Appetit Management Co., prepares fresh baked goods daily and it may soon be possible for parents to order their students treats such as a birthday cake or plate of cookies.

“We can also envision using Conpoto to treat alumni and prospective students when they are visiting our campus,” Tekiele said.

Conpoto, which means “drink together”, is a gifting service that creates a quick and easy way to send treats to business associates, friends and family and share a social experience. More than a gift certificate, Conpoto is a platform that allows gifters to purchase an “experience” for the recipient. Buyers pay through Conpoto, and the company e-mails a redemption code along with a personal message to the recipient. Recipients receive weekly e-mail reminders until their treat has been redeemed, and treats never expire.

Conpoto has partnerships with establishments in 15 cities in six states in the U.S. Learn more at www.conpoto.com.


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