By: Evan Jankens

I have said it time and time again — Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world and will win a Major this year. I know, I know — even though if Tiger manages to win a Major then the haters will say he’s not back until he wins two. Anyway, I found this awesome/older Tiger Woods instructional video.

The video has to be from the late ’90s and Tiger’s wardrobe is amazing. This dude is wearing the baggiest Nike shirts I have ever seen, it looks like he thought he would be able to grow into the shirts when he grew up. The video features Woods telling the average golfer when in a bunker to just hit it 300 yards, no more then 300 yards, but right on the mark. Oh, he always makes sure you know to hit the flag stick on a shot because it will make the next shot that much easier.

This is just a goof video and it really does show Woods’ personality. Whether you like the dude or not, for a golfer this is a pretty funny video.

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