By: Terry Foster

It’s fourth and ten at the Ohio State 15 yard line. Michigan trails the dreaded Buckeyes 17-13 in a nail biter at Michigan Stadium.

The clock reads 0:17 remaining and this is the last chance for Michigan.

Quarterback Devin Gardner drops back, rolls to his right and fires a ball into the corner of the end zone into the outstretched arms of tight end Mitch McGary.

Touchdown! Michigan!

Wait up. Let’s rewind for a moment. Tight end Mitch McGary?

Isn’t he on the basketball team that is down in Atlanta for the Final Four?

Yep, but Michigan coach Brady Hoke dreams of the 6-foot-10 McGary playing tight end for him. He could probably pull it off. McGary is magic now and he is on such a roll I’d trust him to solve the North Korea crisis. He is big, rugged and has good speed. He could probably eat outside linebackers for lunch the same way he does centers in the NCAA tournament.

“I’ll take him in the red zone and just throw it up,” Hoke said.

Why not? Michigan is in need of good skilled players. McGary could be the guy if he can handle the class load.

So what would excite you more? An alley-oop from Trey Burke to McGary or a jump ball in the corner of the end zone to McGary from Gardner? It sounds like a toss up to me.


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