Detroit Neighbor Kills Chihuahua In ‘Self Defense’

DETROIT (WWJ) – A 14-year-old Detroit girl is mourning the loss of  her pet Chihuahua after her neighbor shot and killed it.

The teenage owner had let 1-year-old Jojo outside earlier, and went back to retrieve him when the shooting occurred.

The neighbor is claiming self-defense saying the dog charged him.

David Rudolph of Detroit Dog Rescue was brought in to help dispose of the dog’s body.

He told WWJ Newsradio 950 he was shocked to learn that someone would consider a tiny, 5-pound dog a serious threat.

“Just the nature of the dog … I mean, in most cases, when people think of what would be a vicious dog is not a dog that would be a Chihuahua — in other words, the Taco Bell dog,” said Rudolph. “We just don’t see that as the type of dog that should be definitely shot and killed.”

Rudolph said the whole ordeal could have easily been avoided.

“If you’re gonna be a pet owner, there’s things that you have to do. You have to make sure that you have your dog under control at all times, and that you’re not putting the dog and, you know, anyone else in a precarious situation,” he said.

“This would have never happened if the dog had been properly leashed and under the direct supervision of the owner… In no way should you ever have your dog out and not leashed.”

Police determined the neighbor acted within reason and no charges were filed.

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