LIVONIA — Technology Solutions LLC announced that the company has launched a Desktop Optimization Center in order to jumpstart its customers’ productivity.

A DOC is a business support center where administrators monitor networks and remotely control computers, networks or unified communications systems in order to boost performance.

Many small to medium-sized businesses are making the move to DOCs in order to reduce the amount of employee downtime on common technical issues and streamline operations.

Technology Solutions’ DOC constantly monitors and helps to improve the performance of customers’ entire IT infrastructure, including computers, devices, applications, networks and the cloud. As a result, network performance is ceaselessly improved and common issues can be fixed faster than ever before.

For example, when a customer’s employee runs into an issue with a software program on his or her computer, they can call the DOC and a technician will take control of their computer from a remote location and fix the issue immediately.

“The overwhelming majority of computer problems are extremely simple to fix,” said Technology Solutions president Steve Futrell. “More often than not, our customers’ employees need help locating a misplaced a file, configuring a printer, recovering passwords, fixing software that has malfunctioned temporarily or something else relatively straightforward. The real benefit of our DOC is that employees can resolve their issues fast. When we can get our customers’ businesses back up and running quickly, that results in increased profitability for everyone. We firmly believe in always searching for innovative ways to serve the needs of our customers.”

Technology Solutions is a provider of voice and data networking equipment and services for businesses within Michigan and across America. The company has quickly expanded to provide complete converged solutions incorporating voice systems, data systems, and structured cabling needs, saving customers significant time and cost, and enabling them to leverage their IT investment for future growth.

For more information regarding Technology Solutions, call (734) 542-6929 or visit


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