ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – It’s one of the largest student clubs at the University of Michigan although its mission is a little “squirrely”

Thirteen years ago in a basement dorm room … five students decided to feed the squirrels on the school’s famous “diag” and “The Squirrel Club” was born.

Christina Nezitch is president of the club that now boasts 1,200 members. This weekend they will get their squirrel feeding lessons … “We do it like a human training and this past year I had my brother be the squirrel,” she said.

“And what you have to do is make your squirrely noise. So you just do a little clicking sound.”

She tells WWJ’s Brian Larsen that membership just exploded – I just saw someone the other day wearing a Michigan Squirrels shirt.

“These squirrels are pretty chill – they’ll just come up to you and sit by you and eat and then wait for another peanut,” said Nezitch.

She says no one has ever been bitten because these squirrels really “get it.”

On average the squirrels will plow through about 125 pounds of peanuts on a Sunday.

More on the Squirrel Club, here. 


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