ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Michigan fans will be sporting the Maize-n-Blue across the state Monday night as the Wolverines vie for the national title against Louisville.

Jeff Lee of Tecumseh will have his colors on but he says he wasn’t always a Michigan fan. Lee says it all happened because of his wife.

“I used to be an Ohio State fan and when I got married to her the one thing I had to do was wear a Michigan shirt- and guess what? I’ve been doing that ever since,” said Lee. “I love it, this is great.”

As for the Wolverines’ chances tonight, Lee said, “They just got to make free throws and they’ll win.”

“It will be a tough game but we have the talent,” said U of M student Ryan McLain.

McLain told WWJ that he remembers the last time the Wolverines came this far and said nothing will keep him watching his team vie for the national title.

“If my wife were to have some kind of emergency that would be the only reason I would not watch the game … I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, I went here for my undergrad, I’m here for my masters – I’m not missing the game,” he said.

Fellow student Madison Mott-Louis said the game will take up much of her day. “Goodbye school work goodbye classes – it’s solely basketball … Louisville is going down, I don’t care what anyone else says,” she said. “Yeah, we’re the Wolverines!”

“I was not alive when they were in the last Final Four – it’s a big moment for me,” said student John Coats. “Their gonna win and I’m sure of it.”

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