By Ryan Wooley

By Ryan Wooley
Twitter: @WooleyMammoth85

For those of you who are frequent readers of my blog, you’ll recall last year I wrote one about the childish games played by both the Michigan football and basketball teams in relation to calling Ohio State “Ohio” and how they were disrespecting the Mid-American Conference school.

I also talked about how it was karma that the Bobcats bounced Michigan from the NCAA tournament, which in turn had many fans, Michigan included, agreeing that it made the University look bad, while others had a problem with it.

Well, lo and behold; just over a year later Michigan has embarrassed themselves yet again by openly admitting they’re doing something during their spring game because of Ohio State that is childish.

According to a team spokesman, Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner will wear an orange practice jersey that was given to the team via Oregon State because the Wolverines wanted a color other than red, because it’s worn by the Buckeyes.

The team spokesman actually said in an email; “As we’ve stated, we don’t wear red jerseys, so these were a temporary fix until we could get some custom jerseys made, which we hope will be in this week.”

So let me get this straight. You want to protect your quarterbacks in practice which is something every team does, but you don’t want to wear a red practice jersey as a reminder to your team to not to hit the quarterback, because Ohio State wears red? You have to be kidding.

It’s one thing if they did this and kept it in house as a motivational tool for their players heading into the season, and who knows, maybe they always have. But to publically acknowledge it now just makes the team look even more foolish with their little kid games.

That’s like saying the team won’t eat Olive Garden for a pre-or post-game meal because Ohio State does, or Buckeye fans saying they won’t shop at Walmart because most of Michigan’s fans are Walmart Wolverines.

Okay, I admit that was a cheap shot–but you get my drift. Just because your rival does something or wears something, doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t as that doesn’t make a rivalry. What happens on the field makes the rivalry.

And speaking of that, not only have you been dominated by OSU on the field since 2001 by going 2 and 10,  you just openly admitted that the Buckeyes are firmly planted in your brain and controlling your every move away from the field which should give Ohio State even more motivation to beat you in Ann Arbor this season. Nice job.


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