MT. CLEMENS (WWJ) – Gun sales are booming inside the Gibraltar Trade Center, as gun legislation moves forward in Washington.

Many people at the annual Gun and Knife Show say they support the new universal gun background check bill. That includes Sam Kaddouh who brought his son, AJ, to the show.

Sam Kaddouh and son AJ.

Sam Kaddouh and son AJ.

“I was actually surprised to learn … when this whole debate started, that that wasn’t the law, I always assumed it was,” said Kaddouh. “Until I learned that these gun shows are exempt and private sales are exempt and that was a shocker to me.”

Kaddough says it’s a no brainer, but others are against the possible regulation… calling it too restrictive and an infringement on the 2nd amendment.

Some, like Sterling Heights resident Tami Wilson-Sledge, were buying up ammunition at the show. Wilson says she believes background checks aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

“I don’t necessarily mind a universal background checks as long as they don’t limit what I can or can’t buy; as far a what number of clips I can buy or what rounds I can buy, or what guns I can buy,” she said.


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