AUBURN HILLS — Yet another company has called on FEV Inc. for its calibration, testing, and technical expertise.

FEV partnered with Gibbs Sports Amphibians in the development of the Quadski, touted by Gibbs as the first personal sports amphibian.

The Quadski will be on display in the FEV booth at the upcoming SAE World Congress, April 16-18 at the Cobo Center in Detroit.

“While FEV is best known for its prowess in developing advanced powertrains, its full range of services is valued by non-traditional customers as well,” said FEV Inc. CEO Gary Rogers. “Our calibration and testing services have contributed to the development of many innovative transportation products, and the Quadski certainly stands among the most innovative of those.”

The Quadski, a true amphibious vehicle, can reach speeds of 45 mph on both land and in water. The Quadski uses a BMW Motorrad K1300 water-cooled four-stroke, in-line, four-cylinder engine. On land the engine drives the wheels conventionally and in the water, the engine is coupled to a proprietary Gibbs “jet drive.”

Transition from water to land use, or vice versa, is enabled by the push of a button, at which time the Quadski’s wheels retract (or deploy) in about 5 seconds.

FEV’s role in the development of the Quadski included technical consultation regarding regulations and certification, and support of engine calibration and EPA Marine emission certification testing according to EPA PWC standards, including oil aeration testing, PCV pullover investigation, spark knock investigation on PON 87 fuel, and 250 hours of engine durability testing.

The Quadski, certainly one of the more unique innovations at SAE, is currently being sold at select dealers in the US.

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