Houston Texans Cheerleaders “Fandangoing”

By: Evan Jankens

Fan-Dan-Go is a new wrestler in the WWE. His claim to fame thus far has come from other wrestlers not being able to pronounce his name. He recently took out Chris Jericho in this months WrestleMania.

Fandango has also made a name for himself through his entrance music and his entrance to the ring. Fandango comes out with a salsa dancer and they dance down to the ring. See his entrance below.

This seems to be the new ‘Harlem Shake’ or ‘Tebowing’ or whatever you want to make of it but below you will see the reason for this post. The Houston Texans cheerleaders decided to do their own Fandango dance as you will see below. Enjoy!

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    […] time, singing and chanting things that had no relation to the in-ring action.  Indeed, they made Fandangoing a thing.  People were even playing Fandango’s song on their car horns after the […]

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