DETROIT (WWJ) – Would the State of Michigan be prepared if a Boston-style terrorist attack occurred here?

Governor Rick Snyder believes Michigan’s emergency responders are well-prepared, but
you never take it for granted.

Are emergency response procedures being reviewed? The governor says “we’re reviewing those on an ongoing basis.”

“Since I’ve been governor they’ve been doing ongoing exercises … where they come up with scenarios and we literally get people in the state and local jurisdictions working together to say how would you work through this particular fact pattern of difficult situations,” said Snyder.

Does he anticipate copy-cat type attacks?  “Unfortunately, there’s a high risk” of that says
Governor Snyder.

Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano points to the metro-area’s own major foot race — the Detroit Free Press Marathon is coming-up later this year.

And while we sit on an international border with Canada — Ficano says communication and coordination has gotten so much better than it used to be, especially from the U.S. government.

“There’s instant information that flows back and forth all the borders are pretty well broken down,” said Ficano. “By that I mean, … we have a coordination with Canada. Light years ahead of where it was from where we were in 9-11.”

He again urges anyone who sees something suspicious to report it to law enforcement officials.


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