DETROIT – General Motors’ demonstrated commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating climate impact is being recognized by the nonprofit American Carbon Registry.

“In addition to energy efficiency and waste reduction gains, GM announced the Chevrolet Carbon-Reduction Initiative – one of the largest voluntary commitments to greenhouse gas reductions in U.S. history,” said registry director John Kadyszewski. “The company is going beyond business as usual to spread awareness of the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint.”

American Carbon Registry awarded its Corporate Excellence Award to GM and recognized several of its environmental efforts, including:
* Reducing manufacturing emissions by 60 percent since 1990
* Recycling 90 percent of its manufacturing waste
* Reducing water and fossil fuel use
* Investing hundreds of millions of dollars to build fuel-efficient vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt

“Our commitment to the environment is company-wide and broad in scope,” said GM Director of Sustainability David Tulauskas. “Every day our 200,000-plus GM employees around the world make progress in our efforts to improve the sustainability of our vehicles and the plants that build them.”

Through the Chevrolet Carbon Reduction Initiative, Chevrolet is investing in local, community-based carbon-reduction projects throughout the United States with a goal to reducing up to 8 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the estimated CO2 emissions in 2011 from driving the 1.9 million vehicles it sold in the United States between Nov. 18, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011. It will retire carbon credits from a variety of projects, including a National Forest Foundation project to restore 250 acres of the San Juan National Forest in Colorado, as well as the IdleAir project helping long-haul truckers avoid running their engines to power accessories during rest breaks at truck stops.

“The Chevy Carbon Reduction Initiative takes Chevrolet’s commitment to the environment a step beyond providing fuel-efficient and electrified vehicles from plants that do not send any wastes to landfills,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “It’s about connecting with our customers in a different way, a way that directly impacts them and the communities in which they live and work.”

For more information on GM’s environmental commitment, visit and its environmental blog.


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