DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Fifteen years after his surprise retirement from the Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders is riding high again. This time, he’s on the much-coveted cover of Madden 25.

ESPN made the announcement live at 8 p.m. Wednesday following a week-long final round vote where Sanders faced off against Adrian Peterson.

Sanders was clearly the fan favorite, with dozens of fans weighing in on ESPN to say why they voted for him. CJ Decamp wrote, “It was a close decision, but when you ask ‘who is better,’ Barry Sanders wins it.”

Even famed golfer Tiger Woods cast a vote, announcing on Twitter that he cast his ballot for Sanders.

Someone else, who calls himself 9414 John, summed it up this way: “DONE DEAL BARRY WINS……..EVEN MADDEN HIMSELF….WOULD GIVE BARRY THE NOD.”

In a live chat on ESPN recently, Sanders described making it to the finals as “pretty neat.”

He added: “To still receive this much attention. It would be incredible and a real honor.”

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