By: Evan Jankens

Now we aren’t Chicago Blackhawks fans by any means, but this is one of the better videos we have seen. In the video below you will see Blackhawks’ Sullivan (now with the Devils) take a shot to the face and when skating back to the bench a fan decided to taunt him by pointing at the cut Sullivan has on his face.

Oh, I bet this guy didn’t believe in karma. A little while later in the game that same fan who had been taunting Sullivan was hit in the face by a puck, basically in the same spot where Sullivan was hit. Sullivan skates by the fan doing the same taunt that was done to him.

And then the video keeps getting better. Sullivan then proceeds to score a goal, pointed at the fan to now add insult to injury. Yet again, not a Blackhawks fan but I will give a round of applause to Mr. Sullivan.

Note: This video is five years old.


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