DETROIT (WWJ) – When it comes to Spartans and Wolverines, being competitive comes natural.  And now both Ann Arbor and East Lansing are rated as having two of the “Top 25” “best bars” in the nation!

Michigan and Michigan State fans have something new to argue about!, the online home of Complex magazine, has come out with its “Top 25” best college bars — and both Ann Arbor and East Lansing have made the list.

Coming in at number 11 is The Brown Jug on South University in “A-Squared”, where Katie McDonald tends bar.  “I’m not too surprised, but I’m a little biased. ”

She notes that the history of the restaurant dating back to 1938 certainly is a hit with alumni of fall ages.

“It kind of transformed over the years from kind of a mom and pop shop, where you could get a good slice of pizza to one of the most popular bars in Ann Arbor,” said McDonald.

Up the road in East Lansing, ranked number six nationally, is “Crunchy’s”… where G-M Mike Krueger knows what brings ’em in!

“The Crunchy Burgers are good too, the beer – there is a good selection, hopefully the service is part of it,” said Krueger. “We’re not going to let it go to our head or anything but we think we’re a pretty cool spot.”

Number one in the country? The “Dixie Chicken” bar and restaurant in College Station, Texas — home to the Aggies of Texas A&M.

Find the complete list here.


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