BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — Yottabyte, the provider of software-defined storage, Monday announced yStor 2.1, the latest version of its software platform.

Underpinning yStor 2.1 is a powerful distributed file system, Yottabyte File System 2.1 (YBFS), and Yottabyte’s virtual SAN (vSAN) technology. yStor is the cloud-aware software storage platform which enables business to build their own cloud environments with robust data protection features on commodity hardware.

Yottabyte provides yStor 2.1 for a price as low as a fraction of one cent per Gigabyte per month, making it the most affordable enterprise storage platform on the market.

Yottabyte yStor 2.1 is designed for companies that want to build scalable private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures with data in multiple locations while keeping it protected and synchronized. Large enterprise and mid-market businesses looking to build large data archives, distributed storage systems, or enterprise storage arrays that can be managed by an IT generalist should consider yStor.

“Takata has nearly 30 production, R&D and sales centers throughout North America, and it is essential that our terabytes of data are protected with regular backups that permit efficient restoration procedures for disaster recovery while enabling us to meet stringent automotive industry regulations,” said Charles Custard, IT manager, information security management at Takata. “Our previous vendors could not scale to meet our data needs. Yottabyte’s managed hybrid cloud solution is based on vendor-neutral software-defined storage software; providing an all-in-one, streamlined solution that allows us to administer backups internally at a department level, and send long-term backup data to Yottabyte’s cloud which greatly eases the burden on our staff and resources.”

Yottabyte yStor 2.1 operates entirely within a software construct, separating the configuration from the physical resources. For example, with yStor 2.1 companies can quickly provision a virtual SAN or virtual NAS with commodity hardware through a web-based user interface, avoiding complex proprietary hardware setup and minimizing the time to deliver service. These infrastructures can be defined and optimized in the software for performance or capacity use cases.

Further extending the value of software-defined storage, yStor makes implementation of enterprise storage functionality a routine matter of defining each data protection feature, capability or resource:
* Data Deduplication: Maximize capacity utilization
* Data Protection: Configure and schedule backup and restore operations in combination with snapshot and synchronization capabilities across the distributed storage infrastructure
* Scalability: Scale storage capacity or performance resources at will as user requirements grow
* Configurable QoS/Tiered Storage: Ensure the data performance requirements are matched with the most appropriate resources
* Multi-Protocol Access: Multiple ways to access the same data such as web browser and network share protocols

“Yottabyte’s mission is to simplify and automate IT systems by creating a software data center model that achieves the full potential of all cloud architectures for computing. Data storage is the center of our technology, our data center software platform allows the virtualization of storage, compute and networking resources to allow data and operations to move seamlessly in the data center and between data centers, regardless of the underlying hardware resources with minimal configuration,” said Greg Campbell, vice president of technology of Yottabyte. “We show people that without having to use expensive and complicated hardware and software, they can build robust cloud computing environments using commodity equipment and smart software while maintaining that infrastructure with general IT skills.”

YStor 2.1 is available now as a managed service or software license. For managed cloud storage services, yStor costs 1.5 cents per GB of data on disk per month. For yStor software licenses, customers can expect to pay between $240 and $450 per TB for licenses ranging from 8TB to 1PB of capacity with 1 year of standard support, which breaks down to as little as 0.65 cents per GB per month. Yottabyte Community Edition is available to evaluate for free now at


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