Detroit Takes Top Spots On List Of Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America

Reporting live from American Street in “the most dangerous neighborhood in the country,” WWJ’s Vickie Thomas said residents who live in the area near I-96 and Grand River can’t believe what they’re hearing.

“It’s pretty safe around here, you know, I ain’t never been a victim of crime. I don’t believe it. There’s stray dogs but that’s about it, that’s the biggest problem,” one man said.

Another resident said the state of the community is worse than the crime there, with several houses boarded up and stripped down.

“They’re finding bodies in these old houses. They find them all over the place and they’re going to find them, look at the houses. They’re all abandoned. You got people living in houses that don’t even own houses,” he said.

Another resident said the study is probably “dead on,” no pun intended.

“Down at the corner of Joy Road and American, there’s a kid who used to stay right here and he got killed. There’s two or three more kids and a mother got shot, the kid got killed. There’s about five or six murders that have been down there. It’s too many,” he said.

His neighbor, a life-long Detroiter, backed him up by saying it’s hard to live in a community surrounded by so much crime.

“There used to be a guy who sat on his porch and that’s where they got ahold of him. They shot him coming from that store down there, on the corner there, that’s the number one ghetto store. Joy Road, you don’t even go across it. That’s the worse place ever to be across, Joy Road,” he said.

Click here to see the complete list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

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