DETROIT (WWJ) – He’s climbing the top 40 charts and, thanks to 98.7 Amp Radio, some young ladies had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the man who opened for Taylor Swift in Detroit.

Dana Van Colillie of Sterling Heights was celebrating her 24th birthday and said hearing and seeing Ed Sheeran play in person was the perfect present.

“He was amazing live, and yeah … really great to meet him, and he smells great!” Van Colillie said, with a giggle.

Do what does the ginger-haired singer from London smell like?  “Very fresh, very awesome,” Van Colillie confirmed, after she’d requested and received a hug from the artist.

The up-and-coming star, who has played with the likes of Elton John and Cello Green, said he was excited to visit Detroit and open for Swift. “Every time I’ve come to Detroit it’s been very, very fun,” Sheeran said. “It’s always been a great crowd — and I’m playing the biggest gig that I’ve ever played in America …”

Sheeran said while he loves watching Malcom in the Middle and eating milk and Oreos backstage, Taylor Swift keeps a cat, rather than cookies,  in her dressing room.

The 22-year-old said he’s enjoying the limelight  — and, ladies, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So how do you impress him?

“Be funny,” Sheeran said.


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