DETROIT (WWJ) – A run of sunny days in the 70s is just what the doctor ordered, but dermatologists don’t want you to forget sun safety when you’re soaking up those rays.

Doctors who treat skin cancer designated the first Monday in May as a day to remind everyone about their risk for the disease.

Metro Detroit Dermatologist Steve Grekin says reducing that risk means broad spectrum sunscreen, a hat and sun protective clothing.

“If you start at the beginning of April and you end at the end of November, you are going to be protected from the most harmful rays that we see in Michigan, ” Dr. Grekin told WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee.

Dr. Grekin also says doing a full body home exam monthly can help you spot trouble early.

“Yearly, if you have more than five brown legions on your skin, you should be checked by a dermataologist,” he said.

And if you see anything suspicious, get to a dermatologist.

Find out more from the Cancer Society here. 


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