By: Terry Foster

This one slid under the radar but Oakland University joins the Horizon League and will now play the University of Detroit Titans twice. That is wonderful news and the joke going around the circuit is it only happened because the Titans did not have an athletic director to stop it.

This is win-win for Oakland. It is not for the Titans who must now share more of the limited limelight that this conference generates. The good news is at least twice a year the schools will generate two games that some in the community care about.

I know I plan on seeing them play. This is not a college basketball town but perhaps this can create a tiny spark in a forgotten sport.

** If the Red Wings lose this series I am sure we will read and hear about how much better the Anaheim Ducks are than the Red Wings. I am not buying it. The Ducks lead the series 3-2 heading into Friday night’s game at Joe Louis Arena. The difference for me is simple. The Ducks took advantage of a five-minute power play in Game 3 in Detroit. The Red Wings flubbed one in Game 5 in Anaheim. Other than that, there is no difference.

** Sorry I am not buying Nick Fairley’s claim that the Lions can make the Super Bowl this season. You don’t go from 4-12 to the Super Bowl, especially if you are the Lions which have never gone. The next goal should be to become a .500 team and then to try to consistently make the playoffs and take your shots. The Lions are not a playoff team right now. But let me look them over in training camp before officially burying them.

** Speaking of burials, I heard they finally found a burial site for the Boston bomber. Why didn’t they just toss him in the ocean with Osama Bin Laden?


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